Strawberry RUN 1-1.1.11

1-1.1.11? What's this number crunching all about?
May I ask you to trigger those mathematical tit-bits you learnt back in school days? No not much though! :) Well, before you are really bugged with all 1's-0's & symbols, let me go straight...

As 2010 evolved over into 2011...
  • On the very new day 1.1.11 of 11 year of this century,
  • I thought of Bidding Adieu to the Strong year & the Happening Decade ending on the Last Day -31st of Dec,
  • Pitching my 1st Strong Run on 1.1.11
  • Running exactly 11111k(binary equivalent of 31). Yes, its 31kms!
"Running at places makes you go places...!I don't know how, but it indeed does whether literally or otherwise! No wonder I have loved running on diverse terrains involving different challenges! And why not, all the runs at places be it -Auroville, Goa, Pune or now Mahabaleshwar - have left out colorful & unique memories coupled up with wonderful learnings! Reminds me of Ignite presentation "Travelling the Different Way" that I gave in Feb'10! Lived it somewhat...!:)

Looking exactly an year ago, I did the Strawberry Ride around the same time last new year and carrying on with the tradition, I thought why not jolt out a Strawberry Run this time! So, here it was the run from Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar and back to Pachgani, a total of around 31kms!

I & Sushil, a seasoned runner, started off the run around quarter to 10 after reaching Panchgani the same early morning on motorbike! Only thing I'd like to say about motorbike ride- it was freaking 'CHILLING-COLD' that morning & all I remember is my glove-less hands were Numb holding the straight bars of motorbike! 

Eventually after reaching Panchgani, we started off the run a little ahead from the main market at 9:52:15 am, keeping little targets mapped at Mapro, then Venna Lake. The road runs through the continuous tree canopy. Thereby, despite starting quite late, heat didn't really bother much. After negotiating a couple of climbs, we passed through the point of Mapro Garden, a popular strawberry resort, by 10:35:30. Tourist season being at peak, traffic was really heavy! Running down under a speedy SUV could have been a probable sight but given that we took up right side running alike right side driving of Europe, we gave ourselves more chances! ;) The straight route with umpteenth no. of gradual climbs & slopes goes on until the climax uphill just prior to Venna lake. Had chucked up 16kms  in around quarter to 3 hours by then. Given the tourist season, lakeside had turned out to be another chowpatty with loads of food stalls apart from regular boating. Realizing the shortage of drinking water, we made a quick water purchase & started off the back journey to Panchgani.

Though the route was same all throughout while running back to Panchgani, parameters were turning fatal. Noon Sun being at head, it's always a task! Further on with the day progressing on, tourists had started pouring heavily giving rise to hefty traffic & little space to run. Plus, as per my 21k experience, I'd never really felt any need for enough energy bars but for that day esp post 25km! May be couple more of those might have helped! Though we carried on the run, my strides reduced minimal to the extent that walking could have been faster.Considering Mbai full marathon 2 weeks from then, I deliberately eased the run rather than exerting much. Finally after a grind of 4 hrs my first strong run of 1.1.11 got a (period).

Well, talking about 0's - 1's, I m again stranded on the theory of 1's & 0's! Say white or black, say full or empty, say audible or mute! Wonder whether any characteristic is a variant of just two extremes or simply one of the varieties of different extremes ?? Leaving you all to ponder on... and add on to your platter...

W1SH1N9 Y0U A11 A H1GH N0T3 F0R TH3 SP3C1A1 Y3AR 0F 2011.... :D

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  1. Pankaj Sisodiya, on February 16, 2011 at 12:05 AM said:

    Strawberry Swing. Cheers Biker

  2. Ankur, on February 25, 2011 at 1:53 AM said:

    Absolutely~ Strawberry!:)

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