Ignite Calling - Traveling the Different Way!

Recently, I presentated at IGNITE Pune and the topic was none other but simply "Travelling the Different Way"!
And, I must tell you all, its such a wonderful feeling, speaking about the topic you are so passionate about! 

Met loads of passionate people from varied fields be it medicine, IT, entrepreneurs, or a 10 grader ... speaking on topics still more varied and exotic such as tribes from Karnataka and their plights, about Groupism-how groups form etc, about meditation, or a simple story about the idea of togetherness or be it about call-centre exchange similar to stock exchange or about gaming consoles or glory years of Indian Hockey or about bikers' Lord-Lance Armstrong! The place was buzzing with so much enthusiasm and interesting people, indeed a super experience. Plus, it gave me a great opportunity to present before a large crowd after long time.

(check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUaIQCV9SMA)

Thanks IGNITE for providing me such a platform to speak and share my thoughts!

My sincere thanks to the organizers ThoughtWorks who stepped in and provided the right infrastructure for such a fantastic world wide event -Ignite to be organized in Pune.
Last but not least thanks Pankaj without whose insistence, I wouldn't have really put in efforts to build up presentation!

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