Wheat Village Getaway

Lately, Village tourism's turning another fav among the weekend visits for urban dwellers. And no wonder, the best of the things you are offered at a village near your dear city, are by far much sweeter & cherished much longer! I’d been lucky enough to be a visitor at India’s one of the elitist A1 quality wheat producing village or rather town ‘Sehore’ last to last weekend...all thanks to my dear friend’s invitation to his hometown!

"Journeys are crafted the moment you step out and chart out a story!" All the incidences, memories, special moments, places and people add over to give a journey a unique identity. I believe every journey is 'unique' in itself! And if crafted the natural way i.e. nothing planned at outset, leaves you with a very distinct, fresh moments! Something similar occured with me...read on to know more!!

Well, I landed up in the village late evening. And next morning, we went hanging-around!  Sehore is one of best Gehu(wheat) producing areas in India; remember you purchase Sehori Gehu if you happen to check! Apart from wheat, they have Soyabean for Kharif while wheat as Rabi crop. Since it was almost end of season; talking about April first week, crops been chopped down, it looked as if it was all gala time for all the farmers there.

To my surprise, the village boasts of new upcoming water resort and even a mall comprising of most upmarket products. After connecting with few locals, you realize how important this all is for them and they surely seem to be truly proud about the fact that their place has a good multiplex, water resort or a mall amongst their adjoining areas. Not to forget, I was in shock to find roads in state of MP to be so fine-tuned for the first time in history, I suppose! It was indeed great to see such a development especially in the state of central India where these kinds of developments are by far sparse and rare! 

While we went around on a ride through the farmlands, my friend gave me insights about wheat lifecycle, at least we call it so  :), encompassing all the procedures from wheat growing to cutting it off or be it canals for irrigation or about how farmer sells off its produce at the local Mandi nearby! All in all it's the major activity happening across the town that defines and influences major cultural and food habits of people there. It’s really heartening to see the poor farmers reaping out meager pennies while the middle man/brokers taking away the major margin, ultimately selling off wheat at pretty high premium to urban dwellers. Understanding the life-cycle of wheat village was indeed just the snapshot of what might be happening across millions of agro-oriented hamlets all throughout the country.

Also, visited the pond nearby and voila what a awesome place that was! The canals are crafted out for irrigation.  Probably, it might also be a great birding place, though didn’t spot anything specific but chirping of some and water body made for perfect place, at least for weekend getaway kindas!

Getting off once in a while to slow ace village life and witnessing the development activities surely adds unique dimension to one’s outlook apart from obviously freshening up! 

Sure, its Wheat shining India at Sehores !!! : )
Cheers to Sehore, the WHEAT VILLAGE! 

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