Sholay Hojay!

कितने आदमी थे? “, Echoed...                                                                                      सरकार, दो...”, a reply bounced from other end! 
The first voice hammers back,” दोoo..  *%$%* वो दो और तुम तीee .....” 
As I stepped ahead, another aroar happensतेरा क्या होगा कालिया?”.                              Pondering what's happening around, I turned back a little before hearing another rather gentlemanly angry cry from behind, 
रामगढवालो ने पागल कुत्तो के सामने रोटी डालना बंद कर दिया है
What’s happening? What does this mean? Where am I? Who are they? Have I lost my mind? You must be wondering- I’ve gone nuts! Well, for those of you little aware of India might have got an idea.. Yeaa! You got it right, all of you Bollywood craziers! This is indeed coming from one of the legendary Indian films, SHOLAY (1975)! The flick’s so popular with masses that its dialogues have become common place with junta. But why are we talking about it? And for what reasons here at travelogue?

Well, I'm talking about the 'very' land where Gabbars, Sambhas & Kaliyas of Sholay enacted their ḍacoit-ic stories - "Ramgarh" or say Ramadevrabetta in Ramanagaram. Apart from Bollywood angle, this region, which consists of several granite rocks, caters to the growing breed of short rock climbers. Moreover, it is believed to separate two distinct crustal blocks of Archaean age, giving it a geological importance too.

Getting on to this exotic place had its own exotic twists and turns in story. Having a weekend at our hands, I and my friends planned over a journey towards Mysore! Well, there’s a was supposed to be budgeted!- watch out for smallest budget algorithm, do we have anything like Dijkstra's or Bellman-Ford’s? Hehe.. No wonder, we were supposed to frequently change vehicles gauging the weight of wallets, eat & drink cane juices, navigate around, learn & innovate our strategy moment by moment, thereby plan out for next move & move ahead ...may I term it dynamic  travelling!;-)

Will we reach in time?  
Will we get right accommodation?
Will we see all places on checklist?
Will we get enough & nice food?
Will we have fun??

None of the above really mattered but for last one! :)

So, here we, three friends, started from Bengaluru, towards Mysore (the destination; ya I know it’s so not humane to be vaga-bond in society and travel to where...where??? We need some vague place atleast...naah?!) Eventually after a bus ride, a walk of around 4-5 kms, then matador ride, we reached a sub-urban railway station of Nayanda Halli. While whiling away at railway station, we got to know of a place called Ramanagaram, where Sholay was shot, enroute Mysore. Finally boarded a dhannu (read:local train) for Mysore! Clock was ticking hard, while the train was barely cruising and to add on, darkness was just paving its way through the evening.  By the time we would have reached Mysore, city might have slept and as we are, always short on time, we didn't really had next day in our hands. Adding to that, may be it was our beloved Gabbar's call that made us drop off at little station of Ramanagaram without having any second thoughts!

Without anymore thoughts we took a rick to 'THE' Place, but as it turned out it was pretty dark and we could barely wander around. Fun element was somehow catching up but never did I realize until I was back! Whether to head ahead to Mysore or go back to Blore, was the question! But picture अभी बाकी था दोस्त! :) Gradually, after having sumptuous dinner, we decided to stay on, क्या करे गब्बर ने जो जाने दिया! :) 

With a pure dawn up next day, we were at Ramgarh (Ramadevera betta) again! Our date with Granite rocks of Ramgarh went out smooth. As if Lost in a fairy tale, with the wonderful panoramic views all around, we were moving ahead aimlessly just trying to find mysterious.. what? ( i wonder... wonderland). No doubt the rocks are the true beauty! If only I could relate, it looks distantly similar to Macchau Picchu (though I haven’t been there yet!). You may also spot a temple of Lord Ram uphill.

Moreover for you, future travellers, starting August'11, Resort & Spa, conceptualized on the lines of movie Sholay across 6.6 acres of rocky terrain, is starting up! Those of you who want to re-live the movie magic with the likes of Gabbar, Thakurs, Basantis must take a note! For adventure freaks, try going in for a climbing session; there are couple of clubs ready to take you onto the rocks!

Re-living the Sholay, getting lost amidst a fairy tale, and livin a Vaga-traveller, what more can I ask for a weekend?! 

Quick Facts:
- 45kms(1 hr by road) OR
- Board a train going to Mysore & drop off at Ramanagaram

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