How Panduleni Happened!

 Saturated you feeling any, 
Fret not, think not
Kick those doors off
World's all open for you, 
Explore, Energize, Egnite!! “

On my way to get unsaturated, I set off from my base location for a while. And mind you, fresh surroundings & new scenarios, made the intended difference!

Reached Panduleni (also known as Pandav Leni), UNESCO & a World heritage site, around 8km from Nasik. Wonder how cave man drilled down those caves off monolithic rock? And that too with superbly designed platforms, sculptures, statues and even windows, most of them crafted out of monolithic rock. Observing the designs and structures in monolithic rock, I could spot the contrast in current world where every possible element is assembled of different pillars, beams or slabs or for that matter complete build. Moreover, talking about the technicalities - the placement and design of pillars (some of them being octagonal shaped pillars, usually we have round shaped pillars) and angled beams at some leakage prone areas, made me wonder the level of expertise in technology/soil-earth study they might had then! Not to forget the caves also have excellent arrangement for water, with skilfully chiselled water tanks, exquisitely carved into the rocks. 

No wonder, these structures were built superbly with maximum...wait... ‘total’ utilization of natural resources! Though this is coming from me,a non-arch person but I take liberty to make a judgement!

Well, as I turned back to history, I found that Panduleni caves, which are the group of 24 Hinayana Buddhist Caves, were built during the era back to 1st century BC -2nd century AD. The sculptures & carvings on the walls as well as the pillars really adored the place. They truly symbolize & define the 'then' life with beautiful elaborations of cattle, warriors & religious symbols. No wonder these caves are the truly a product of an era be it the exceptional rock-cut architecture, customs, culture &  or religion then.

Most of us might have picnic-ed at caves since childhood, but only when we start looking at them finding a reason for each design, carving or placement, do we start realizing how much effort & skill must had gone behind making of such legendary structures, which are standing firm through ages!

No wonder this visit to such a wonderful site enriched me with new thoughts, know-how & may be a legacy of stories more to be explored...................

As for any specific info about place, Google! You may check this too! 

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