A Common Run with HIGH

Today, Ran a Very Common Run yet Quite Different...
Just some juggling with words, here's for you all...

Garmin went off to sleep, giving Numbers a break!
Shadows were running, while I was wondering...
Saw an Old fella spinning so high, inspiring the lot all right!
Smile I wore throughout went on, off to the crowd!
Ran I with belief through the hollow of darkness.. (No streetlights at 2000hrs ;))
Music poured in & out, through the earplugs and strides..
Sped on a high note, Cruised at an easy rhythm!
'BORN TO RUN' chipped in, enlightening me through its life in playlist!
AIR at the end, invited me to the 'People Of City'..
Moving , watching, working, sleeping, driving, walking, smiling..
I went on, only to 'DO SOMETHING' now...!

Summary : 10.6 km ||  01:08 ||06:24 pace

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