Power packed December!

What I believe is what we carry along with is no money, no people, no material but a loads of memories along the path of life to places, countries, forests for that matter any new horizons...So, if we carry these memories, why not build good ones of those, anyways they are getting manifested every moment ; either we chart out or allow it to get charted out :)

Well, the point here is that, I realized this at the very end of 09...December that I don't really have anything great, positive,significant or intense to remind me of this very year. So, charted out a rough plan...and just executed it! Well, the plan was...

1st Sunday: Pune Marathon (Great run of 10kms)

2nd Sunday: Solo cycling to Sinhagad (first solo though not far but was test of stamina definately!)

 3rd Sunday: Solo cycling to Pune to Mumbai (Good experience..awesome slope after Khopoli at Xpressway!)

4nd Weekend: Cycling to Mahabaleshwar (Awesome ride indeed till date of late 2009 esp. becoz' of Great trio of Biker Pankaj, Trilok and myself)

Last 3 days:  Paragliding Course at Kamshet (Got P1 certified...Nothing better than flying in AIR celebrating 31st!:)

Indeed it was pretty power packed closure to the year 2009! And today I stand and feel great about these moments may be just for a moment though! :)
Well...that's the way it goes, what we can do is just try to supersede the lower moments and churn out better moments, I guess! Its kinda Moment Management as they might say in corporates! ;)

Anyways, Adios!
Have A Great, Happening and Full of Energy and Enthusiasm packed year ahead!

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  1. DeathFrag, on January 17, 2010 at 5:17 PM said:

    Amazing post bud...your post got my adrenaline pumping, man!!
    'Moment Management'..lol. Way to go.

  2. Ankur, on October 28, 2010 at 12:45 AM said:

    Thanks Buddy!

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