Journey back to roots...KOKAN on CYCLE !!

Konkan is a region dotted with spectacular beaches, coconut grooves along the western side of Indian peninsula. Had heared a lot about Konkan but never been there before. Discovering Konkan for the first time that too on two power wheels(cycling) was like tasting the very fresh slice of nature

From Murud-Dighi to Hedvi, we visited places like Srivardhan, Hariheshwar, Dapoli, Kelshi, Guhagar, most of these along coastline. Moreover, fabulous konkani food and hospitable locals were the icing on the cake.......................................

Brief outline of the tour:

Day I (32kms):
Pune -(bus)- Murud ..(ferry).. Dighe - Diveagar - Srivardhan
Highlights: Diveagar temple, lost on the virgin beach(cycling on beach)!!

Day II (53kms):
Srivardhan - Harihareshwar - Bagmandle ..(ferry).. Veshvi - Kelshi
Highlights: Harihareshwar temple, Kelshi sanddunes/beach

Day III (60kms):
Kelshi - Anjarle - Dapoli - Ladghar - Kolthare
Highlights: Dapoli-highest point, good climbs to Dapoli, descends to Kolthare, Kolthare beach

Day IV (60kms):
Kolthare - Dabhol fort ..(ferry).. Dhopave - Enron Power plant(Veldur) - Guhagar - Velneshwar temple - Hedvi
Highlights: Velneshwar temple, power plant, Guhagar beach

Well, Konkan cuisines are one to die for, actually we had breakfasts(sometimes twice!), then lunch, some afternoon snacks again, dinner ofcourse. Had loads of fun having local cusine..actually then we anticipating whether to name the rally 'Konkan Food and Cycle rally'

Here comes the Food Facts:
- Soul curry (official welcome drink of Konkan!)-refreshing coconut made drink-Awesome!
- Phanasachi bhajji (jackfruit veggie) ok!
- Dadpe Pohe(pohe with coconut sprinklings) Gud!
- Kolhache Pohe(pohe with kolh(coconut milk) onto it-sweet in taste) Awesome!
- Modak (Sweet Dish off coconut- usually made as prasadam for Ganesha)Gud!
- Kokam sharbat (great drink made of kokam fruit!)Refreshing!

Apart from that, traditionally food is served on fresh bananna leaf. Its simply great to have it!
So, want to pack your bags, head over for a tour to Konkan?? :)

Leaving below is a short movie for you guys, Enjoy and do drop in your comments!

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