Bombay to Poona - journey with difference !!

Hey everybody, I’d like to share one of my experiences onboard train. Many of you might feel nothing new about it. But I'd like you to figure out and see for urself some matters over the subsequent paras...hope u njoy comment over watever u feel like....carry on....

So, it all began such that I had to come down to Pune from Mumbai and was short of cash.Instead of boarding a lavish Volvo or cab or rather even our poor ST, I opted for a train general ‘Dabba’.

To start with, took a local, Mumbai’s true lifeline, all the way to Dadar. I somehow squeezed myself at the corner of the entrance of compartment, leaving it to others to do the action. Ya, I mean ‘action’..a complete package of drama and adventure. People hanging off train with barely a hand clinked up somewhere…quite similar to a dried up leaf barely attached to bark. I wonder whether that’s probably the cheapest way to feel gliding off the air. And to add to all that, there was a great background ‘music’... of our fellow men n women shouting n quarrelling...venting out all their frustrations...probably they had find no other place but for this local..God knows why or for wat reasons? But one thing is sure, ‘local’ commuters possesses an amazing stock of energy n they expend it pile by pile for all such stuff.Ultimately, gasping and happing, I reached Dadar.

Then purchased the ticket of Sayadhri Express. Guess costs meagre Rs.54 Wow..Now thts somethg really not pinching my pocket, isn’t it? I waited there, purchased newspaper, waiting in to see the face of train..Ultimately, sharp @ 6, train arrived...boarded the General Dabba( mean compartment) @ Dadar. Now the whole fun began..much to my anticipation there wasn’t enough space..but I‘d thought may be afterwards..somehow every1 will be adjusted.But the compartment was exploding out of people. Hardly had any space to stand. Mind you, that was no local, a journey of total of three n half hrs. Standing isn’t that easy! Further to add to it..every now n then some or the other wanted to get off to loo...disrupting all the 'peace' of standing ppl..I wonder whether all that activity happens a bit more often in trains!!! I saw an upper berth full of luggage n single person sitting there...I somehow convinced that person n got a seemed as if all that luggage belonged to some big fat lady below on the lower berth..n other humans seemed to be just worthless n un-living..No one even questioned regarding that..Poor ppl..get up ask in for ur rights !!!

Now tht I was seated, observing ppl from that upper berth was quite a interesting experience. A person, barely had place to stand, was enjoying reading Autocar magz.I guess, he might have had completed reading it thts wht v call matter wat state u r in!!! Now tht I had DNA newspaper, I read some beautiful articles, while still observing the very state of condition within compartment. Hey, I could see some shoes being showcased over the thts really amazing way to display!!! Oh feel pity over poor guys...seriously there’s terribly low space in train..not even for shoes...wat could they do doing then, being on upper berth. I could spot some people sleeping as usual, some had a gala time listening to music while some were quarrelling, again may b quite usual for them, I guess.

Along the way, train halted at Karjat,a small town.And now I know all u wada-pav lovers feeling hungry...rite?? Ya, I did eat my fav wada-pav...all thanks to tht uncle who was standing @ nearby window...Now one of those "height of experiences"...found a boy who seemed to be quite comfortable(i guess) over the edge of compartment's thts surely height of getting seated!! I could draw a parallel between tht n flyovers in our metros. Hey, wat to do...populations exploding like nothing before..migrations happening...infrastructures perennially are our cars n buildings booming up....v don’t have space either on roads or within trains...Oh!!!thts the state!!!

Now as Pune was nearing by...ppl made every effort to chk the station names which crossed then everybody kind of knew each other...lookin at each other for long. Finally I dropped out at shivaji nagar stn n jogged all the way to my place...u know my regular workout tht day :)...

More than ‘50 Bucks journey’, I was enthused by all that drama n action...I guess that was probably one of the cheapest n ‘interesting’ journeys from Bombay to Poona..

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